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The Rock of Vergisson

A Heritage to Preserve

The Rock of Vergisson

The Rock of Vergisson, close to that of Solutré, offers exceptional panoramic views of the town and its vineyards. You can discover expansive views, spectacular landscapes and experience the breathtaking colors of each season… so, get walking! You don’t have to be an experienced walker, the ascent does not present any major difficulties. However, access to the rock is by a gravel pathway that is not suitable for strollers, bicycles or wheelchairs. Culminating at an altitude of 487m, most people will need approximately 45 minutes to get there and back from the car parks. 

Treat the Site with Respect

3 carparks are at your disposal, do not park outside of the designated areas. 

Follow the marked trails, do not walk through the vines : they are fragile and also a place of work – please respect the work of the wine growers!

Do not throw rubbish on the ground. 

The Rock of Vergisson is an exceptional place that brings together several unique heritages : (pre)historic, geological, natural, landscape, wine…

The Rock’s limestone formations date back more than 300 million years to the end of the Paleozoic era. Covered by a warm sea for millions of years, the rock formed different limestone layers, trapping debris of molluscs, shells and other marine animals of which many fossils are clearly visible today. 

The Antiquity period saw the first vines laid on the limestone hillsides. The area was then used as a stronghold in the Middle Ages, with a fortified castle built at the top of the Rock. At the end of this period, wine estates began to develop under the influence of monasteries. Up until the 20th century, agriculture developed, especially livestock, on the grassy hills of the Rock. 

Today, this heritage remains fragile, especially with the influx of visitors due to the growing reputation of the site. It is essential that everyone can come and enjoy this unique site, while respecting nature and the inhabitants of the village who work to preserve this heritage. 

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