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Pouilly-Fuissé and the Mâcon Village Appellation

History and Origin

20,000 years ago, one of the most advanced prehistoric cultures flourished here in southern Burgundy:  winemaking.

It remains to this day the main activity of the village. The local winegrowers use Chardonnay grape varieties for white wine and Gamay grape varieties for red wine and produce 4 different wine classifications or appellations:

  • Pouilly Fuissé 1er cru
  • Pouilly Fuissé
  • Mâcon Blanc 
  • Mâcon rouge


The terroirs of Pouilly-Fuissé, mainly clay-limestone, are 150 to 180 million years old, ranging from Lias for the oldest to Oxfordian for the most recent, combined with crystalline, schistise and sandstone soils. 

A court order from the Macon Court dating from December 7th 1922 attested to the need to protect the remarkable and singular character of Pouilly-Fuissé wine, thus allowing it to become one of the “legal” appellations of French wine.

On January 13th 1929, under the initiative of the mayors of the 4 villages in the area, the «  Pouilly-Fuissé Producers Association» was created. The controlled designation of origin (AOC) « Pouilly-Fuissé » was recognized by a decree on September 11th 1936.

In 2010, documents were filed by the Pouilly Fuissé Producers Association with the INAO (the National Institute of Origin and Quality in France) to obtain the first 1er cru classification. After more than a decade, the State validated the INAO decision and recognized the classification of certain climates. 

From the 2020 harvest, it is possible for designated plots to claim the premier cru appellation. 

average annual production of Pouilly-Fuissé
10000 hl
of the appellation is vinified in private cellars
0 %


Burgundy cru exported around the world


The Atrium is the cooperative cellar of the Pouilly-Fuissé Producers Association. Located in the heart of Solutre, it is the ideal location to find out more about the Pouilly-Fuissé appelation and its different terroirs as well as to taste and purchase wine from more than 80 local producers. 

Local Producers of Pouilly-Fuissé